Monday, December 28, 2009

3 Pounds!!!

I just got back from a Henry visit. He is officially 3 pounds!!! I was able to witness his kidney ultrasound while I was up there as well.
Well, we made it though Christmas and everyone is doing well. We visited Henry Christmas morning and to my surprise, Mike's Donuts was open!!! The NICU nurses were lucky! Jenny's mom and mine made cookies for the nurses, so we delivered a lot of goodies that morning.....much deserved!!!! They also gave him a little red and white hat and made him a big red stocking. Very nice! So, as I mentioned, Henry is now 3 lbs. and doing well. He was put on an antibiotic recently due to a urine culture that came back positive for an infection. His feeding tube was removed from his mouth and is now given through his nose. Not too sure Henry is happy about that. He is still on a continuous feeding schedule (8.5 mL every hour). Jenny is still pumping and our freezer is completely full. Jenny is obviously pumping faster than Henry can keep up. I mentioned he had a kidney ultrasound today, I think it is fairly routine, but they also wanted to check because of his urinary tract infection. Jenny is still "kangarooing" daily and I try to do it a few times a week. It was amazing to see all the outfits Henry got for Christmas and realize how long it will be until he can fit into them. On that topic, I visited a friend of ours today who recently had their baby at Dupont. Wow what a difference between an 8 lb. baby and a 3 lb. baby!!! The only baby I see on a regular basis is Henry, so to see a full term baby brought me back to reality!
They still haven't given us a concrete time table on when Henry can come home. As I mentioned in a previous post, in about 4 weeks, they will attempt to have him feed on his own (bottle or breast), and if he can do this successfully for 2 straight days, he should get the "ok" to come home. Phoebe is now starting to say something that resembles "Henry." She calls Jenny's sister Erica, "eh-ca," so who knows what "Henry" will sound like. I will post more pictures soon! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. It's great to hear the good news! We are praying for you guys. I hope the kidney ultrasound came back normal and I can't wait to see him in the cute hat and stockings.
    Full-term babies are beasts, aren't they? Shortly after Mikan was born another baby that was born was in the NICU for a few days due to gestational diabetes. He weighed 12 pounds. I was afraid he was going to eat Mikan.



Henry and Mom

Henry and Mom