Monday, December 7, 2009


So I got a call from Jan and her exact words were "GET HERE NOW, SHE IS PUSHING!!!" I really can't describe what went through my mind at that moment. Most dads would think "oh yea, my baby boy is about to be here!" I just couldn't figure out how she went from 4 cm to "pushing time" that quickly? And was Jenny ok??? So I am home alone with Phoebe sleeping and had to somehow get to the hospital ASAP. I ran next door to see if the neighbors could be with Phoebe, but of course nobody was home! So I jumped in the car and drove as fast as I could to the hospital! I needed to find someone to go be with Phoebe, so I called my friend Ryan, and he was at the lake! Yea I know at the lake in December go figure!?!? I don't even think I said "bye" and hung up and called my other friend Alan. He thankfully was home and came over to be with Phoebe. There is nothing like driving 90 mph down 469 while weaving in and out of traffic on the cell phone! To Ryan's credit, he did leave the lake to come help Alan.
So I drove up to the entrance and sprinted up stairs. The first nurse who saw me said, "are you the dad? Get in there!!!" I opened the door and there were probably 12 people (nurses and doctors) in our room! Dr. Weise was putting Jenny back together while Dr. Arcellana (neonatologist) was helping little Henry breathe and preparing him for the NICU. I quickly ran to Jenny and she said "I am fine, go be with him!" Dr. Arcellana and the nurses helping Henry were awesome! They were working so hard, all while being so calm. Dr. Weise called me over and said Henry was crying when he came out and kicking! Jenny was so drugged I'm not sure if she even remembered everything, although she didn't have an epidural. So that's two babies and no epidurals (what a champ).
Henry was 2lb 9oz and 15in when he arrived. I went with the NICU team upstairs when they took Henry away. Poor Jenny was alone, but thankfully I saw Sheila (one of Jenny's friends) in the waiting room on our way to the NICU and told her to go be with Jenny. Once I got to the NICU they took him into his room and began preparing him for care. I wasn't allowed in the room, so I returned to be with Jenny. By this time word had spread and most of the family were on their way to the hospital.

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Henry and Mom

Henry and Mom