Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Big!

Henry is now 3 lbs. 11 oz. and doing well! He actually does have another urinary tract infection though. He spiked a 102 temp. last week and Dr. Arcellana took blood, urine, and CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) samples to test. Everything came back negative except a trace of bacteria in his urine. He is now on an antibiotic to clear everything up. He actually should be off of that in a few days. The CSF fluid was extracted from his lumbar spine area and we had to leave the room for this procedure. I was a little nervous about a needle penetrating his spine, but better be safe than sorry. They had to do this just in case meningitis was present. It kind of stinks when a fever spikes with infants because it's not like he can tell us it hurts when he urinates or they have to check everything to determine why the fever is occurring. Henry is now on 2 L of oxygen per minute which is an improvement from the previous 3 L per minute. He has been tolerating this well....not having an increased number of heart rate drops. One of the nurses told us they will not start trying to feed Henry on his own until he is removed from the "continuous" feeding cycle. We are not sure when this will we have to jump this hurdle before he can move on to the bottle/breast.
I will jump on my soap box for a minute. It is kind of ironic that Henry has developed a urinary tract infection because the "medical" method of treating this is to administer antibiotics. Well if you give someone antibiotics, it kills "all" the bacteria in one's body. So it only makes sense that the bad bacteria takes over his urinary tract when he doesn't have any "good" bacteria to fight it off because they were all killed from the previous dose of antibiotics! Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems there should be another way to treat this! Antibiotics are not my favorite method of treatment. I think I might ask the nurses if it is possible to mix in probiotics with his breast milk, so he has some way of replenishing his good bacteria. Although, Jenny's milk is giving him some natural immunity, it just seems that the antibiotics take quite a toll on his system! We have only given Phoebe antibiotics once in her almost 2 years of life and we obviously loaded her with probiotics during this time and that was the only time she as ever been sick! It was a simple ear infection. Anyway, I will get off my soap box now....just some food for thought!
On a positive note....Henry is doing great...getting bigger every day! I might request a TV in his room so he can watch the Colts on Saturday....but that might be wishful thinking!

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  1. I completely agree about the probiotics. Mikan wasn't on any antibiotics for the first year that he was home. When he started to get ear infections recently we have given him probiotic supplements too. Your doctor should at least be open to discussing that with you. We never asked Mikan's doctor about that when he was in the NICU, but I think it would be worth asking.


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Henry and Mom