Monday, January 18, 2010

Lots of Changes!

Sorry, it has been so long since my last post. There have been a lot of changes to Henry's status...all positive so far! Last night Henry took 10 mL from a bottle for the first time!!! The nurses decided to try this earlier last week and he wasn't up to the task at first, but the nurses continued to attempt the bottle feeding throughout the week and he finally latched on and drank last night! I actually have not been up to the hospital since Saturday (been under the weather) but I do not think his feeding tube is removed yet. Since he is on scheduled feedings, they can simply elect not to use the tube and feed Henry with the bottle. Jenny also said last week while "kangarooing" him the doctor told her to place Henry near her nipple and see what happens. He actually opened his mouth and tried to suck. Jenny said it was really cool! We will definitely get a video of him bottle feeding and post it soon.
Henry is now 4 lbs 2 oz!!! The nurses are surprised at how fast he is growing! There is a weekend nurse who is with him it seems like every Saturday, and she was shocked last Saturday at how much he had grown in 1 week! I believe they will soon move him from his isolette (incubator) to an open crib. This is just one of the progression steps to prepare him to go home. Pray he continues to successfully bottle feed as this will speed up his "going home" date! It is crazy to think he could be coming home in the next couple weeks! Phoebe is in for a surprise! I am sure I forgot a few things....but Jenny will be sure to remind me of them and I will update you soon.

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well!!
    Thinking of you all!


Henry and Mom

Henry and Mom