Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Any Day Now!!!

So I know it's been a long time since my last post....or at least that is what everyone keeps telling me! So I believe Henry is now up to 5 lbs. 13 oz., but it changes daily because he is being inconsistent with his feeding and usually saves his bowel movements until the very last minute and therefore they weigh a lot more than normal. Henry is now in a normal crib, or at least the crib that full term babies are put in when they are born. No more isolette (incubator). He looks so big in his big boy crib (what the nurses call it). I think he is up to about 65 mL of breast milk every 3 hours, but the problem is that he is not quite eating it all at once. He will eat 20 mL one feeding, 35 mL the next, and 50 the next, etc., etc. So obviously the doctors want him to take the entire feeding from the bottle at each feeding before he can come home. Do not tell Jenny this, but I kind of like hanging out at the NICU, so I am kind of sad about him leaving. The nurses and doctors have become like family. I know Jenny is ready for him to come home though!!! Henry is the biggest baby up in the NICU now!
Well I have a patient waiting, so I will update more shortly.....and add pictures. Jenny spilled breast milk on our laptop the other day and crashed the hard that is why there has been a delay in updating the blog! :)

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Henry and Mom

Henry and Mom