Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We brought Henry home yesterday for the first time since he was born back on December 5th. We had to spend the night at the hospital Monday to be trained on his at-home monitor. We were quite overwhelmed with all the information they gave us before we left for home. We were prepared to go home, but it seemed like everything was thrown at us right before we left. Yesterday was very hectic to say the least....and throw on top of that introducing Henry to Phoebe! Jan (Jenny's mom) brought Phoebe over to the house after we got home and the introduction was a little awkward at first....Phoebe didn't know what to think, and at first I don't even she think she knew he was real! hahaha! Once he moved and started crying her eyes lit up and she ran over to him saying "baby! baby! baby!" We let her hold him and she was very up close and personal with him. She loved kissing and touching his face. It was all really cute! The problem began when we had to put Henry in his crib....Phoebe wanted him out so she could continue holding him. Phoebe was not happy! Last night was also interesting.....every time Henry woke up to eat, Phoebe would hear him crying and run to her gate (she climbs out of bed, so we have a gate up at her door) yelling "baby! baby! baby!" to let us know he was awake! Phoebe is very attached to Jenny, so she insisted on sitting with her while she rocked Henry (I posted a pick of this).
Everything is going great so far....and like I said, he is on a monitor to measure his heart rate and breathing....which is for the most part normal. He is eating all his bottles....and actually started sucking on my shirt after one of his bottles last night! It is so nice to not have to go to the hospital every day (Jenny) but it is also strange. It was very emotional when we left the hospital....the nurses who took care of Henry became very close to Jenny and it obviously made it hard to leave in that aspect. Every summer the hospital has a "NICU reunion" where all the NICU babies and their families can come to a it will be really fun to attend that this summer! I will try to post as many pics and videos as I can.....and update you on different milestones as they happen. Thanks to everyone for all your love, support, prayers, cards, gifts, meals, and thoughts over the past 3 months!!! It all helped so much!

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Henry and Mom

Henry and Mom